Daddy: the search for my father

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Ben said: "Noah is great and has fit in to our family just perfectly and, to be honest, it's like always been there!

The delighted dad was never bothered about having biological children as he says adopting is just as good. And while Ben is happy with his brood, he hasn't completely written off adopting more children. He said: "I don't currently plan on adopting more children but I'm one of these people who never says never.

‘My mum's meeting my dad for the first time’

Ben has remained single since the young age of 21 and doesn't plan on looking for a relationship any time soon with his dad duties being the most important thing to him. You can donate to a fundraiser helping raise cash for a multisensory room to benefit Ben's kids here.

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Single dad looking forward to Father's Day after adopting his FIFTH disabled child

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What is Cornelia de Lange syndrome? Cornelia de Lange syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that causes developmental delays.

California filmmaker’s quest to find biological dad leads to Greenville doctor and a movie

Many also have behavioural problems similar to autism. It can also cause hearing loss, digestive problems and excessive hair growth. Plaquing Hell Viral road rage legend Ronnie Pickering gets honoured with 'blue plaque'. Splash the cash Man creates a 'human car wash' for blokes too lazy to shower properly. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.

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