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Her bodyguard Colin also had a little sister who was paralyzed and couldn't move. Later in the book the girls powers helped her heal and walk Looking for the writer of the book Submitted by Caroline not verified on February 13, - am. Am looking for the writer of the book titled "secrets' I remember the girl came from a family with a family name of mantgomery Books Submitted by Maria not verified on February 13, - am. So I had this book that I read once and I want to read it again. It was a bout this girl with 4 or 3 brothers and here mom had died when she was young.

The girl played a lot of sports and needed extra money so she became this model for another girl to put makeup on her.

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She also like this guy and sometimes they would sit on opposite parts of her fence and talk in the moonlight. Hello i cant remember the Submitted by Alex not verified on February 13, - am. Hello i cant remember the name on this book and since i read it for over 10 years ago i cant remember much more than this: Its about a girl which befriends this black doglike creature which can talk and those creatures are i think treated as slaves. And maybe just maybe on the cover on the book she had buns in her hair kinda like princess leia from star wars.

I know its not much to go on but i hope its enough. Sorry for my bad english. Trying to find a book about a Submitted by Guest not verified on February 13, - pm. She sleepwalks, so one time she sleepwalks underneAth her school where she finds a door that takes her to a better version of her life where her and her sister are happy and parents Alive. I am looking for a children's book I read in the late 60's. The boys name maybe Danny. Book about an wealthy Englishman whose wife dies of cancer Submitted by Gloria not verified on February 14, - pm.

I want to read this book again. He can't function. He can only tend the garden at his home. He has children but leaves them in the care of his parents. The boy befriends him and the husband is an emotional abuser and womanizer. He lives on the property in a little cottage. HIs kids come to visit in the summer.

It's driving me crazy. I couldn't put that book down. Can anyone help? Romance novel Submitted by Dearie Pepple not verified on February 15, - pm. What I can remember from the book Another part I remember is that her best friend wanted to set her up with her brother by force and she wasn't supportive of her Shows photo, movie reels as evidence. Demands that scientist sends back letters which will incriminate these people in the unsloved crimes of the past.

Tween Book Submitted by Emma not verified on February 15, - pm. I remember a specific part when she sees the famous person at In N Out Burger. I also remember the first chapter was about sleeping with a bra on to either make her chest smaller or bigger. The cover is a short brown haired girl that is spunky and a long blonde haired girl.

I read this about 10 years ago in like 4th or 5th grade.

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I read this when i was really Submitted by Steph not verified on February 16, - am. I read this when i was really young. So i vaguely remember anything.

I think it's about a little girl moving to an island or beach possibly diring the summer vacation to live with her aunt or mom. Or mayne she moved there with them. It was about the time she spent there and it had something to do with turtles, possibly in the title or just in the book. Nic and Nellie? Submitted by Norm S. Hi Steph - Any chance that it's Nic and Nellie?

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Doesn't fit your turtle description, but the rest is possible. Book non fiction Submitted by Needyourhelp not verified on February 16, - pm. Need help finding a book about a child that was burned with a pan by parents but went on to go to school and become a nurse? Please help me find this book Submitted by Benjamin Nyagaka not verified on February 16, - pm. So the book I'm looking for is a classic.

The protagonist works at a book shop. In fact the protagonist's name is never mentioned. At the book shop, they get scripts from a traveler who has documented his travels. They publish the documented travels which are very popular. All of a sudden, stop receiving transcripts from the author and rumors start circulating that he's dead. The protagonist has a friend called Rachel and another whose name I forgot but was a man. Let's call the man Tom. Tom is about to get married but along the plot of the book gets interested in Rachel. Rachel leads him on so far as for him to break his engagement.

However Rachel soon leaves him for another guy later in the book. Rachel also played the protagonists boss. The author of the travel journals turns out to be a fraud who was stealing them from his old grandfather, If Im not wrong, the fake author goes out to sea and drowns. I hope it's descriptive enough. Science fiction Submitted by Riley not verified on February 16, - pm. He also has power. He runs a casino and everyone in the casino is evil and has crazy powers too. About a family, possibly immigrant, who are sitting around the table budgeting to buy maybe ballet shoes for the young daughter and figuring out what sacrifices they can make in order to afford it.

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The father winds up doing without pipe tobacco. I can't remember the title!!

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There's a book about this girl who met 3 angels who were sisters I think?? There were 3 books in the series last time I saw it but that was a few years ago. One of the books cover picture was a girl sitting on a swing. Does anyone know the title?? I am looking for this book.

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It is about a female bear shifter that is mistreated in a wolf pack and thought she is the last of the bear shifters. One day a male bear shifter is coming to the pack and she is told to be in her little house before he gets to the pack house after she cleans it. Hidden Library Submitted by Alissa not verified on February 18, - pm.