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It emerged later that police had not acted in response to complaints Tomita made earlier in May about being stalked online by her assailant, even though she was able to provide them with his name and address. Topics Japan. Asia Pacific news.

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Reuse this content. I could have overlooked the pedestrian prose, the utterly unlikeable and unconvincing characters and the plodding plot done much better by other writers a billion times before because I was looking forward to the twist of the year. To give an indication of just quite how I suppose I really shouldn't be surprised that, in an era where Donald Trump becomes president and Britain exits the European Union, that this book is lauded as one of the top psychological thrillers of the year. This book is ridiculous and I suppose I should have known better, given that I'm currently living in a surreal dream-world.

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Feb 17, Dem rated it it was ok Shelves: psychological-thrillers. I have a hard time suspending disbelief at the best of times in books and therefore stay away from novels where fantasy or magic realism play a role but I do like a good well written Psychological thriller and have read a couple this year that I really enjoyed.

While Behind Her Eyes is unique and well 2.

While Behind Her Eyes is unique and well written and there is no doubt the author holds your attention throughout but I did find a find myself having to seriously suspend disbelief and there was a lot of eye rolling not to mention a couple of choice words mouthed close to the end of the book for reasons that are best left unsaid.

I would probably have rated the book 4 stars for suspenseful and original plot, great character development but what a let down the belief element was. I know I am in the minority on this one and so many readers have loved it but this is just my reaction to the book. I listened to this one on audio and the narration was excellent. An enjoyable read just not one for my favourites list. View all 68 comments. Feb 25, Larry H rated it really liked it. View all 44 comments.

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Jan 04, Paromjit rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , netgalley , crime-fiction. This is a character driven psychological thriller. It is well written enough to keep the reader engaged. The three main characters of Louise, David and Adele are unlikeable. Louise finds herself involved with David who turns out to be her new boss. She runs into his wife, Adele, and a cloying, claustrophobic, but close and secretive relationship develops between them. Since her divorce, Louise has had a stagnant and isolated personal life, and she needs the attention she has begun to receive.

Da This is a character driven psychological thriller. David is the first man she has a sexual affair with since her husband. Despite the guilt she feels, she gets drawn to and more closely entwined with Adele.

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A sinister and toxic image of Adele and David's marriage emerges. Louise has night terrors which Adele wants to help her with. She gives the mysterious notebook of the elusive Rob to guide her to counter those terrors. In a tale that takes in cats, fires and constant relocations of David and Adele, Louise may find that she has bitten off more than she can chew as she enters the uncharted waters of David and Adele's marriage.

I am aware that many really love this novel, unfortunately I am not one of them. For me, the story developed does not segue well into the twists that unfold at the end. The dissonance I experienced between the rabbits pulled out of the hat at the close of the novel, felt like the author had arrived at calculated intellectual solutions which fail to match the revealed storyline. The character of David feels underdeveloped, and I did not have sufficient reasons to believe in his and Louise's relationship. However, I am sure the majority of readers will like this book.

View all 28 comments. Nov 25, Maureen rated it really liked it. Who's a clever girl then? No not me! The author Sarah Pinborough. When I say she's pulled a blinder with the conclusion of this book I'm not exaggerating. Louise is a single mum on a rare night out when she meets a man in a bar. They share a drunken kiss and then he leaves, but Louise can't stop thinking about him, she felt a connection during their very short flirtation. When she arrives at the office after the weekend she's introduced to her new boss, and yes it's 'the man in the ba Who's a clever girl then? When she arrives at the office after the weekend she's introduced to her new boss, and yes it's 'the man in the bar' David.

It would be crazy to get involved with your boss especially as he's married right? Well Louise does become involved but oh boy she sure is going to regret it! When Louise accidentally bumps into Adele David's wife she finds herself pulled into a friendship with her that is bound to end in disaster, considering she's seeing David behind Adele's back. There was everything you could want in 'Behind Her Eyes'.

It had an air of menace throughout in this twisted tale of love and obsession, and the plot was SO different, with even a touch of the supernatural. Just try to keep an open mind. I've read more than my fair share of psychological thrillers but I have NEVER come across such a complex and clever ending. I kept trying to pre-guess where this story was going but I had no chance - what a twist, I could never have created such a corker of a finish.

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View all 98 comments. Get ready for a wild ride! Even forewarned, it still stopped me in my tracks! Told from 2 points of view. Adele - married to David since she was a teenager. She is beautiful, ethereal, with a hint of vulnerability that draws people to her. Only she may have something hiding beneath the surface. Well Get ready for a wild ride! Well, of course! Louise — adjusting to being newly single, raising her young son.

One of them has an agenda! And one of them has vowed to never be stopped! But which one? Oh this cannot end well! I think this is one of those books that it will either work for you and will absolutely love it. It totally exceeded my expectations and I loved it!

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After reading so many thrillers, I wanted something original! Careful what you ask for! I got it A completely different take on a domestic thriller. View all 70 comments. So for now 3. Did this novel pull me in? Most definitely!