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That is, until an unexpected opportunity to work with Grace, too, pushes her to reevaluate life and dare to take on bigger dreams. General Contemporary from Ambassador International. Suddenly the Midwest was open to migration, the harvesting of resources, and even tourism. Join seven couples who live through the rise of the canals and the problems the waterways brought to each community, including land grabs, disease, tourists, racism, and competition.

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Can these couples hang on to their faith and develop love during times of intense change? Historical Romance from Barbour Publishing. This Daring Journey by Misty M. Beller — The only hope to keep her newborn baby alive is to reach the safety of her Indian people… This mountain man is the last person she should trust to get her there. Historical Romance, Independently Published. The Far Side of the Sea by Kate Breslin — In spring of , Lieutenant Colin Mabry, a British soldier working with MI8 after suffering injuries at the front, receives an unexpected message by carrier pigeon: it is an urgent summons from Jewel Reyer, the woman he once loved and who saved his life—a woman he believed to be dead.

Colin is stunned when he arrives in Paris to discover the message came not from Jewel, but from a stranger who claims to be her half sister, Johanna.

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With spies everywhere, Colin is at first skeptical of Johanna, but as they travel across France and Spain, a tentative trust begins to grow between them. When their pursuit leads them straight into the midst of a treacherous plot, however, that trust is at stake, as danger and deception turn their search for answers into a battle for their lives. Historical Romance from Bethany House [Baker].

Her husband murdered and her much-anticipated baby stillborn, there is nothing left for her in Ladreville. With their friends and family desperately searching for them, Penny and John must make a daring escape. They must bring a powerful, ruthless man to justice, even as this city man and country woman fight a very inconvenient attraction to each other. Sir Grayson Wentworth spent his years at Cambridge dreaming of the Cornwall coast and wishing he could return to the happy days of his youth. Can he keep his vow to find a wife and win her heart?

Or will honor be sacrificed in the name of love? She tries to convince her father, an inspector with the Chicago police, to look into reports of mysterious disappearances around the White City. Inspector Wylde tries to dismiss her claims as exaggeration of an overactive imagination, but he eventually concedes to letting her go undercover as secretary to the man in question—if she takes her pistol for protection and Ian Thorpe, a policeman, for bodyguard. Will she be able to expose H. Having no other family, Emma decides she must find him, and so embarks on a journey across the ocean, accompanied by her best friend, Jonathan.

Despite everything, Emma remains determined to earn their affection. Jonathan Rowe has secretly loved Emma for years and hopes that during their trip he can win her heart.

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Concerned that Randall might reject her, Jonathan is ready to console Emma and bring her home. When she informs him that she has no intention of returning to England, Jonathan begins to despair. Can he convince Emma to find value within herself rather than seeking it from a virtual stranger? And will she ever come to see that Jonathan is her true home? Historical Romance from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh by Carolyn Miller — Can a very proper young lady of noble birth find love with a mysterious, fossil-hunting scientist in the smuggler-plagued coasts of Devon, England?

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Historical Romance from Kregel Publications. Sadie Hoppner is called upon to nurse the gunshot wound of Cheyenne brave Five Kills after tensions erupt between the braves and the soldiers at Fort Lyon. Even as Sadie and Five Kills form an unlikely bond, danger threatens the fragile treaty that ensures peace for both their people…and their hearts. Its powerful and flexible search program will help you find just what you are looking for.

See them HERE! My newest book. I hope not. It's called Christmas, and it's now come and gone like a wind gust. It was beautiful and hard, and if I have the courage to write about the disappointments and losses of this last Advent season, I will. But I reckon I won't - and will choose to tend to them more privately and prayerfully. But if you, too, met Christmas with a bleeding heart, I hope you'll find courage from this simple promise from the Psalms that granted me some comfort.

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When Christmas is hard. My real reason for popping in here briefly was to direct you over to Today's Christian Woman , where they have some fantastic content on "The Mommy Wars. Jones about being childless. I've written a piece entitled, "When our Deepest Desires Collide," which I'll just briefly excerpt here.

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I am a wife and mother, even now a writer—making the "rhetorical" questions of the Mommy Wars anything but rhetorical. They are not benign curiosities at which I play like a fascinated cat with her ball of string. The answers matter. What is my calling as a woman? Or better said, what does God require of me?

The answers to these questions, theological in nature, beg to give meaningful shape to who I am and what I do. They are value-driven, even "teleological," if I may borrow an idea from James K. They mean to tell me what makes my life good. Is it children? A complicated choreography of both? I've spent the past 12 years of motherhood caught in the questions—and tangled by my desires.

I have wanted to be a godly wife and mother. I have believed these to be God-valued callings. I have also wanted to write, a discipline begging something quieter than the spin cycle of home. The desires war. And I feel splintered.

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The essay isn't free, but it's worth considering how you might begin paying for some of the content you get online - - because it isn't produced for free. It is the easiest of all meals to assemble, and my children will love me. Win, win. Surprise, the sun is shining, and you can buy ground beef at 11 am. These are my newest discoveries, and they are good, serving to remind me of the unordinary beauty of the everyday. I do not have to write a book to feel alive. I can buy ground beef. I will confess: we have a knack around here for buying and promptly misplacing digital cameras. Perhaps I can defend what feels defenseless by saying that at the very least, our children are living into our invitation to create , rather than consume.

I find this a particularly helpful distinction with technology use, especially when children would wish the wasting of their lives in front of a screen. And so we buy digital cameras. And then we lose them. But in between the buying and the losing is the creating, and I hope that makes it worth it — at least a little. The email came last week that Camille would need a digital camera for a project in art on digital photography.


But the buying and the losing had presently left us with only one large and expensive camera, which Ryan uses and Audrey uses for her beautiful blog and a many-years-old iPhone, which takes no manner of spectacular pictures. Camille wanted to take neither to school. So I had emailed Ryan to ask him to buy one. He did not.

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