Living in Limbo

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According to Eurostat, Germany reported the highest number of illegal migrants in , with , France was second with , But Italy, where hardline measures are likely to keep increasing the number of illegal immigrants, could soon far exceed them. Topics Refugees. Migration European Union Europe news.

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In some way they seemed to believe that in Europe nobody cares about that, as long as they can prevent migrants arriving on our shores. In some cases the only reason I was allowed to work in one camp was because the militia thought that visibility of the media could have been useful to put pressure on the government. The most scary thing is that what we were seeing and documenting was just the good part: what is shown is considered acceptable or even something to be proud of.

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Despite this, the living conditions I saw were really harsh and abuses are part of normal life. What happens out of sight may be even more terrible. European public opinion was shaken when on 18 April more than men, women and children drowned in the Mediterranean. Following this, the European Union expressed a willingness to bomb boats and ports used to smuggle migrants across the sea.

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The Tripoli government, supported by Islamist coalition Libya Dawn, declared its intention to engage in the struggle against human trafficking, and started a campaign aiming to show it was serious about stemming the flow of migrants. The Libyan government is also receiving support from the EU to help control Mediterranean crossings.


Migrants have become a valuable commodity in the fight for power, as Libyan militias, who are widely believed to have a major role in the human trafficking business, stepped into migration policy to try and gain influence on the government. The migrant stories are gruesome, they cannot speak freely and what we can hear from them is not the whole reality.

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The migrants I met with again when some of them managed to reach Europe told me about torture and killings as a day-to-day routine. I thought it was important to cover this story to show what happens out of the sight of European people.

While the public were demanding a bigger effort to save the lives of migrants in the Mediterranean sea, the actions undertaken by the Tripoli government to show itself as a reliable partner for the EU in the control of the migration flow were in effect worsening living conditions and increasing the danger for migrants in Libya. The result today is almost total conformity to the Hungarian nationalism of Fidesz and the sidelining of independent culture. You can download Sonia's Bounce Back book here now. Accept the support of other people. It is true, that the only person who can really help you, is you.

Living in Limbo (Work in Progress)

Which is why you need to stop working on your mood yourself, but social support can mean a lot, too. Reconnect with your friends and family. Do not cut yourself off. It's OK to feel like you need emotional support. Develop goals.

Living in Limbo

You may feel like everything is terrible and nothing can go right, but that's not true. You just need to break your long-term goal down into short-term goals. And then break those down even more. Set yourself little daily tasks every day, and then celebrate your success.

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This is the way to start moving towards where you want to be. Your time will come. And often, though it may seem like nothing much is happening, various things are falling into place behind the scenes to ensure the best outcome for your situation. For example, you might have had a few applications rejected, even though you thought each of these job openings could lead to your dream career.