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The World's First Anarchist Manifesto

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  5. Preferred contact method Email Text message. When will my order be ready to collect? Following the initial email, you will be contacted by the shop to confirm that your item is available for collection. Call us on or send us an email at. Our division, not Spanish arms, returned us to slavery. The earthquake of March 26, to be sure, was physically and morally destructive and can properly be termed the immediate cause of Venezuela's ruin; but this event could have happened without producing such fatal results had Caracas been governed at that time by a single authority, who, acting promptly and vigorously, could have repaired the damage without those hindrances and rivalries which retarded the effectiveness of the measures taken and allowed the evil to grow to such proportions that it is beyond remedy.

    Following the earthquake, ecclesiastical influences played a very considerable part in the insurgency of the villages and smaller towns, and in bringing enemies into the country, thereby sacrilegiously abusing the sanctity of their office in behalf of the fomenters of civil war. We must, nevertheless, honestly confess that these traitorous priests were encouraged to commit the execrable crimes of which they are justly accused because they enjoyed absolute impunity for their crimes--an impunity which found scandalous support in the Congress From the above it follows that among the causes that brought about Venezuela's downfall the nature of its Constitution ranks first, which, I repeat, was as contrary to Venezuela's interests as it was favorable to those of her adversaries; second, the spirit of misanthropy which possessed our governing officials; third, the opposition to the establishment of a military force which could save the Republic and repulse the Spanish attacks; fourth, the earthquake, accompanied by a fanaticism that used this occurrence to its best advantage; and, last, the internal factions which in reality were the fatal poison that laid the country in its tomb.

    These instances of error and misfortune will not be entirely without benefit to the peoples of South America who aspire to achieve liberty and independence. New Granada has seen Venezuela succumb and should therefore avoid the pitfalls that destroyed the latter. To this end, I submit, as a measure indispensable for the security of New Granada, the reconquest of Caracas. At first sight this project will appear far-fetched, costly, perhaps impracticable; but, examined closely, with foresight and careful reflection, it is as impossible to deny its necessity as to fail to put it into execution once it is proved advisable.

    Everything conspires to make us adopt this measure. In addition to the urgent necessity of closing the gates against the enemy, there are other reasons which force us to take the offensive, reasons so overwhelming that it would be a military error and a political blunder not to do so Hostilities in enemy territory, however, are always advantageous by reason of the good that results from the enemy's misfortunes; thus on no account should we employ the defensive. We must also consider the present condition of the enemy, who is in a very critical position.

    The majority of his creole soldiers have deserted at a time when he is obliged to garrison the patriot cities of Caracas, Puerto Cabello, La Guayra, Barcelona, Cumana, and Margarita, where he keeps his stores.

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    He does not dare to leave these towns unguarded for fear of a general insurrection the moment he departs. Thus it would not be impossible for our troops to reach the gates of Caracas without engaging in a single open battle. It is a certainty that, as soon as we enter Venezuela, we will be joined by thousands of valiant patriots, who anxiously await our coming in order to throw off the yoke of their tyrants and unite their efforts with ours in the defense of liberty.

    Let us, therefore, avail ourselves of a time so propitious, lest the reinforcements, which might at any moment arrive from Spain, completely alter the aspect of affairs, and lest we lose, perhaps forever, the welcome opportunity to insure the destiny of these states.

    The honor of New Granada imperiously demands that she teach these audacious invaders a lesson, by pursuing them to their last entrenchments. Her good name depends upon her taking over the task of marching into Venezuela to free that cradle of Colombian independence, its martyrs, and the deserving people of Caracas, whose cries are addressed only to their beloved compatriots, the Granadans, whose arrival, as their redeemers, they await with despairing impatience.

    Let us hasten to break the chains of those victims who groan in the dungeons, ever hopeful of rescue. Make not a mockery of their trust. Be not insensible to the cries of your brothers. Fly to avenge the dead, to give life to the dying, to bring freedom to the oppressed and liberty to all. Manifesto archive for future generations. Contact Home. To spare New Granada the fate of Venezuela and to release the latter from its suffering are the objects. Condescend to accept it with indulgence, my Fellow-.

    Anarquisme i municipalisme al sigle XXI

    Citizens, for the sake of such laudable objectives. I am, Granadans, a son of unhappy Caracas, who.

    Manifiesto de la anarquía : Anselme Bellegarrigue :

    Forgive me if I, inspired by patriotic zeal, take the liberty of addressing you, in order to sketch briefly. I flatter myself that the terrible and exemplary. The most grievous error committed by Venezuela in making her start on the political stage was, as none. The first indication of senseless weakness demonstrated by our government was manifested in the case.

    The supreme junta, instead of subjugating that undefended city,. The junta based its. The codes consulted by our magistrates were not those which could teach them the practical science of. Thus we were given philosophers for leaders, philanthropy for legislation, dialectic for tactics, and. Through such a distortion of principles, the social order was thoroughly shaken,.

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    They were shamelessly committed by the. The doctrine which supported this procedure had its origin in the charitable maxims of a few writers. Under the cloak of this pious doctrine, every conspiracy was followed. Criminal clemency, more than anything else,. Next came the firm opposition to raising seasoned, disciplined troops, prepared to take their place on the.