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And this is one of my favorite features about Clojure. And it felt like a pain to get started with.

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Is there a happy path for someone who is a JavaScript programmer who wants to mess around with ClojureScript? I felt like I had to install a lot of tooling and go through a lot of stuff just to get my code running, basically. If we had it, it would be great. We would love that, to be able to just fire it up and not install anything but Node. That would be awesome.

And then of course for it to be easy, you have to install, Leiningen is the popular build tool. So, Leiningen makes it really easy, relatively easy to get started with ClojureScript.

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But if you want a five-minute setup I have a tutorial. It could be a lot better for everybody. And we actually do have core. But I thought they had some way of transmuting memory blocks. And that will break everything. We could send an immutable data structure into the web worker and it would be awesome.

And we would not be worried about these problems that everybody else is worried about. But because JavaScript embraced mutation and the implementers of workers are afraid of that, they make it really unsuitable for the types of things we would want to be able to do. You should take off the training wheels on this.

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When I talk to you and other people on this show, I realize that I probably need the training wheels, though. Is there anything? Do you want to layout the roadmap for things that are coming soon? But just, what do we have to look forward to? There are some things about the way that Om works that needs fixing, I think. To me, the response for something that when I announced it was two weeks old, pretty wild, unexpected.

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  6. I was actually blown away that people were so excited about it and that it created so much excitement about React. It was really surprising to me. So, to me it feels like I just made this thing yesterday. So, there are lots of small things I need to work on. Nothing big. As far as Om specifically, definitely the model thing. So, I would actually say that until React came out, I thought ClojureScript was cool and it was a cool idea.

    And then our data structures really get to shine. Certainly core. I like the fact that core. You would look at typical ClojureScript programs and they just use jQuery and they mutate the DOM there in many different ways. Still, the point is that why migrate from JavaScript if you end up just writing JavaScript in a different language?

    So, React was eye-opening. This probably would have been a different story five or ten years ago before the explosion of competition between browsers. Our data structures three years ago, it was amazing. Three years ago V8 was the only one that was really rocking. Do you foresee adoption of things like ClojureScript or even TypeScript or Dart or CoffeeScript, that are a little bit closer to traditional JavaScript, do you see the adoption level of those going up? And people are realizing that ES 6 will eventually land.

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    Generators plus promises are pretty awesome. Then the transpilers generate source maps. So, to me the future is really just like JavaScript will be a compile target for everyone, not just people who are programming in different languages. Any other questions before we get to the picks? You mentioned that most of the people who are using ClojureScript are part of the Clojure community.

    They want to do stuff in the browser, going back to JavaScript feels maybe unappealing to them after being in this world. Is it just because of the paradigm difference between JavaScript and Clojure? I thought it was cool.

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    And I was actually pretty careful in my first Om blog post to focus on the approach and not the fact that it was a ClojureScript thing. So, I actually think that we might see a few more JavaScript people try it out. And definitely some of the benefits of at least some of the things that we have in our compiler and what we get out of that, I think are really cool.

    But if people like JavaScript, there are lots of awesome things happening in JavaScript. One last question from me. Node people have that story. What if I have my models in Node and the frontend? So, you can have one source file and it will automatically be shared on the server and the client. Merrick, do you want to start us with the picks? So, no picks from me today. Alright, Jamison what are your picks? But I did it. AJ, did I have you do picks? The fight scenes were not that great.

    Bertrand Russell

    But the book, I read the book. And the book is definitely better. And also I have some music picks. And then I set up a family organization for my wife and I. Really digging that. And they talk about teaching your kids about money and finances and outline a whole bunch of things that you can do to help them learn how to manage money. And you can start them pretty young.

    David, what picks do you have? I read this book last year. And it made me excited again about the type of work that everybody does around user interfaces. There was also a weird period there. That sounds really cool. I have to go check that out. Thanks for coming again, David. It was a lot of fun. This was great. Check them out at Bluebox. Deliver your content fast with CacheFly.