Uncritical Mass

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Owens, meanwhile, has also followed the MAGA grifting train to prominence. Whether Candace Owens has any ideas at all besides the advancement of Candace Owens is very much in question.

To Kirk and Owens, personal advancement and name recognition matter more than educating youth on the history and merits of conservatism. The TPUSA message is so flimsy and Trump-focused that it can be distilled into an imprint on a t-shirt without losing much force. Some might call that powerful.

Other young people recognize just how pernicious it truly is.

Uncritical Mass

CJ Pearson is only 17 years old, but has already been on the political scene for a while. On the right and the left!

Book 2, Part J, Chapter 108: Uncritical Supercriticality

As long as a teenager spouts what established adults believe, they are quickly propelled to a larger platform. Often, that premature promotion becomes a problem. Pearson rose to fame in when, at the age of 12! A very young, black conservative denouncing a black, leftist president naturally drew major attention. And in my opinion, that man is Senator Bernie Sanders. A Paul to Cruz to Sanders evolution is quite a story.

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But honestly, his ascension begs the question: Do people not know how bad Donald Trump is or do they just not care? In August , Pearson made another shocking announcement when he officially endorsed Donald Trump for president. In my young optimistic eyes, after the last eight years of the Obama presidency, there is little left to lose. There is only room to do better, and there is only one goal: to make America great for every American.

Currently, Pearson maintains his support for Trump and has regained some of the GOP support he lost from flip-flopping all over the national stage.

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Adults are easily caught up by the appeal of a young person amplifying their beliefs. The whole thing has been a strange, tilted, less consistent version of the Jonathan Krohn saga. Pearson is quite obviously focused on building his own brand, not on building a conservative intellectual foundation.

Let me be clear: there is nothing wrong with the ideas behind conservatism, or with robust youth activism.

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Trump’s Rise

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Results present a complicated picture which could not be simply labeled in any one of the binary pairs as direct-indirect, critical-uncritical, or assertive-unassertive. Various cognitive and social factors contribute to such complexity.